April 1, 2015 tapped

Tapped Mobile Plans to Employ a Fleet of Drones

Tapped Mobile has announced plans to employ a fleet of drones to (literally) follow consumers on their path to purchase. Tapped has requisitioned a fleet of 10,000 DRX-4115 drones from Boeing as a pilot project to provide advertisers unprecedented access to consumers while they shop. The drones will be equipped with screens that can display IAB standard and rich media ad units as well as two-way voice communication so that brands can further engage with consumers on a 1-1 level.

Dubbed Hyper Persona Targeting (HPT), successful drone campaigns currently active in Japan and Korea have set the groundwork for the pilot project to make it’s way west. The move is the first of it’s kind in Canada and could usher in a new level of hyper-targeted advertising that we’ve never seen before.

drone[Boeing’s DRX-4115 Drone]

Advertisers are already clamouring to be the first to test the HPT drone campaigns. Brands are very excited about the prospect of being able to track consumers through the shopping experience, in-store as well as retargeting them at work and home, providing unique and custom advertising opportunities based on the needs of specific individuals.

The CMO of one of Canada’s largest food manufacturers said: “Imagine being able to watch a consumer in the grocery store. You could push coupons and offers to buy your product while they’re staring right at it.” What excited him even more was the opportunity to retarget consumers at home or work. “You would be able to target consumers at their breakfast table, in their shower, while at work, where they are most likely to make purchase decisions.”

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