New Exlusive Partner Corby Spirit and Wine


We are proud to announce our newest exclusive partnership with Corby Spirit and Wine. The company is the first Canadian company to launch Shazam’s visual recognition technology in-market. Consumers can already see this partnership in action on bottles of ABSOLUT vodka in select markets across Canada. We are looking forward to collaborating with Corby on more innovative campaigns. Stay-tuned!

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  • Tapped Mobile Announces Exclusive Partnership with Guff


    Tapped Mobile is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Guff, the premiere digital publisher of trending content, images and videos for news and human interest stories, for millennials.

    Born from social with an emphasis on mobile, Guff is the optimum space to deliver your brand to a content hungry group of millennials. Guff is a user-friendly platform to effectively engage with this increasingly difficult to reach demographic.

    Guff delivers content in an engaging, humorous and shareable way that millennials demand. With infinite scale, custom integration and precision targeting, Guff will help your brand leave a lasting impression.

    What it means to engage with Guff:

  • 100% viewability.
  • Custom content integration with 2-3min average time spent on your message.
  • 6.8 million monthly page views in Canada alone.
  • Industry leading click through rate of 5% CTR on select high impact units.
  • Premium interstitial ad units.
  • 2015 Mobile Personas

    Tapped Mobile is thrilled to announce its 3rd Annual Mobile Study – Mobile Personas 2015.

    Mobile Personas is Canada’s most comprehensive study detailing the mobile habits of 14 Million Canadians – Moms (25-54), Men (25-54) and Millennials (18-29). The study includes necessary data to allow agencies and brands to keep up with the massive growth in mobile adoption and usage, and the shift from desktop to tablets and smartphones.

    This year’s study proves definitively that mobile is the connective tissue in the lives of consumers and marketers must consider mobile as the first screen and how it impacts the path to purchase.

    The 2015 Mobile Personas Report answers the following key questions:

    • Who is the Mobile Persona most ready to make the shift from desktop to mobile shopping?
    • What does the increase in Mobile Moms mobile device usage mean for the path to purchase?
    • Where are consumers seeking product information?
    • When to use mobile to effectively target your consumers?
    • Why digital flyers are not being utilized for their full potential?
    • How much consumers rely on their mobile device while in-store?

    New this year, we are pleased to announce segmented reports available for purchase:

    • Entire Report
    • Single Reports: Moms, Men or Millennials
    • Media Consumption Report
    • Path to Purchase Report
    • App Usage Report

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    To learn more about Mobile Personas, you can check out

    Tapped Announces Exclusive Partnership with Shazam

    New-Shazam-logo-12-01-14_blackTapped Mobile, Canada’s leading provider of mobile ad technology solutions, today announced a new partnership with the world’s top engagement platform, Shazam. Beginning today, Tapped Mobile is the exclusive representative of Shazam in Canada, selling all integration, and advertising opportunities. With 9.5 million current Canadian users, and 300,000 new users each month, Shazam delivers targeted, companion mobile and online experiences to any audience. The combined market-leading, multiplatform, content and technology solutions of Tapped Mobile and Shazam create the opportunity for exciting mobile advertising experiences.

    Shazam’s unique listening interface allows consumers to immediately connect offline TV and music experience to online, immersive discovery, special offers, and find delightful extras. Canadians have already been connected through their Shazammed content to advertisers like McDonald’s, Reitmans, Toyota, Michael Hill Jewellers and HBC.

    68% of users who Shazam an ad engage with that brand.

    “We’re mobile-first and tech-forward at Tapped. Mobile is the first screen, so partnering with Shazam is a perfect fit for Tapped, and for the advertisers we work with,” said Jed Schneiderman, President, Tapped Mobile. “Lives of consumers are deeply integrated with their mobile devices. With Shazam’s vast audience, and our ability to define, target, and create immersive mobile experiences to engage audiences, it opens the door to more – and more importantly, better – ways to reach consumers on the most ubiquitous of all platforms.”

    “Working with Canada’s leader in both mobile technology solutions and mobile market research is a great fit for Shazam, as one of the world’s most popular mobile apps,” said Josh Partridge, Director, EMEA and Canada, Shazam. “The market demands more innovative and mobile-first marketing programs, and this partnership will deliver that to Canadian Shazam users.”

    Mobile is connective, and central to the lives of Canadian consumers. Understanding where they are and how they’re using their phones is vital to effective mobile advertising. Nearly 84% of TV viewers use a smartphone or tablet while watching TV, and 53% of consumers with tablets or smartphones have engaged in mobile-based activity related to what they’re watching on TV. In addition, 20% of audiences on tablets and 13% on smart phones have made a purchase on their device after seeing a product on TV. Shazam gets consumers to that content quickly, and Tapped Mobile delivers targeted, content-driven, immediately relevant integrations.

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    Mobile Personas Holiday Shopping Study

    Mobile Personas Holiday Shopping and New Mobile Tech Insights Report to be released Oct. 9 at 10 a.m. ET

    TORONTO (Oct. 7, 2014) — Tapped Mobile, BrandSpark International, and App Promo announce the launch of the inaugural Mobile Personas Holiday Shopping and New Mobile Tech Insights. Details contained in the report will be released in a webinar on Thursday, October 9 at 10 a.m. ET. This holiday-focused report is a companion to Mobile Personas, Canada’s premiere annual report on consumer mobile behaviour. The insight-packed webinar will offer a glimpse into the role mobile will play this holiday season, and shed light on consumer perception of new advances in mobile tech.

    MEDIA NOTE: To join the webinar and arrange an interview with Jed Schneiderman, President of Tapped Mobile, Canada’s leading provider of mobile advertising technology solutions, please contact Carolyn Fell,

    With 68% of Canadians using their phones in-store for shopping-related purposes, data that illuminates what shoppers are using their devices for is more critical than ever. Data will show that savvy consumers are comparing prices, checking for coupons, and looking up product information. Plus, this holiday season, shoppers will be using their smartphones more than ever before as they decide where to buy gifts, and do on-the-spot research.

    Mobile Personas Holiday Shopping and New Mobile Tech Insights include:

    • How consumers plan to use their phones this holiday shopping season
    • Consumer sentiment around mobile payments and the adoption of new systems
    • The state of wearables and which devices consumers are gravitating towards
    • Insights about the impact of iPhone 6
    • Actionable information for Canadian marketers on how and when to use mobile to effectively target their customers in the 2014 holiday season

    The webinar is presented by co-authors, Mark Baltazar (BrandSpark International), Jed Schneiderman (Tapped Mobile), and Gary Yentin (App Promo).

    About Mobile Personas

    Mobile Personas was created to provide Canadian marketers with actionable insights and direction on how and when to use mobile to effectively target their shoppers, a collaborative partnership was created bringing together experts with proven success in the Canadian mobile landscape. This partnership amalgamates three critical disciplines: mobile monetization, mobile marketing, and consumer/shopper insights. The 2015 Mobile Personas research begins November 2014, and will be available Spring 2015.

    About App Promo

    App Promo is an award wining consultancy group that supports our clients to succeed in the business of Mobile Apps. App Promo offers Strategy, Marketing and Monetization services across iOS, Android to clients. With offices in Toronto and New York, App-Promo services clients around the world. Follow us @Apppromo to learn tips and secrets about App Marketing and Monetization.

    About BrandSpark International

    BrandSpark International is a leading brand, marketing and product innovation research company. Their comprehensive and innovative research approach gets at the heart of HOW consumers think, WHY they act the way they do, and WHAT our clients need to do about it to grow their business.

    About Tapped Mobile

    Tapped Mobile is a leading Canadian provider of mobile advertising technology solutions. The company offers Canadian brands a unique approach to mobile marketing by leveraging partnerships with the world’s leading mobile ad technology companies. Tapped delivers unparalleled ad tech to Canada, including store-level mobile location data; first video ad units with social sharing; four different types of in-stream video ad units; mobile re-targeting; and industry-leading mobile media research. In addition, the company offers traditional display and video advertising across a diverse list of premium and exclusive publishers and ad networks.

    For more information, please contact Carolyn Fell,, 416-434-2194


    Tapped Mobile Announces Partnership with Vertical Mass


    Does your brand invest in building social media fans?

    Does your brand spend money on celebrity endorsements?

    Are you sponsoring a sporting event, music festival or tour?

    We’re very excited to announce a partnership with Vertical Mass. Based in LA, Vertical Mass operates a data platform used to help brands buy media hyper targeting the active social media fans of your brand, celebrity endorsements or marketing sponsorships.

    Vertical Mass works directly with the top celebrities and event producers to capture proprietary fan data. They count 35 of the top 50 pages on Facebook as clients, including Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Shakira, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, David Beckham, Chris Bosh, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith and dozens more. Media bought using Vertical Mass data performs 3X-10X better on average.

    The team has also seen a lot of success using the platform to cookie a brand’s own social media fans and YouTube viewers to create segments of handraisers who are active and loyal to your brand. You now have an opportunity to buy targeted media to your most active fans off of social media wherever they browse the web.

    Tapped Mobile Announces Exclusive Partnership With The Atlantic


    Spring is finally here! I hope you’re enjoying the warm weather. We are beyond excited to announce that Tapped Mobile is now the exclusive provider of all digital solutions (mobile, native advertising) for The Atlantic magazine ( in Canada.

    The Atlantic is one of the most iconic and influential magazines, boasting an envied roster of the finest journalists with over 20 National Magazine Awards. The Atlantic’s approach is genuinely platform agnostic and embracing of new technology with the Atlantic iPad App, The Atlantic on Flipboard, and Mobile-Optimized Site.

    The Atlantic’s multi-screen approach boasts:

    • 1.5 MM monthly uniques web (Canada)
    • 1 MM monthly uniques mobile (Canada)
    • A vital audience of the most influential thought leaders.
    • Rated #1 for holds an executive title
    • Rated #1 for publishes on a social networking site
    • Rated #1 for has a college or graduate degree.

    If you are interested in learning more about The Atlantic’s mobile offerings, I would be happy to sit down with you and explore how we can help. A publisher from The Atlantic will be in Toronto soon and we are now booking meetings for Monday June 2nd and Tuesday June 3rd.

    Tapped Mobile Update & Mobile Personas 2014

    Tapped Mobile was recently featured on both Strategy Magazine and Media In Canada for our work on the Mobile Personas 2014 study. We had a great time this year at Dx 3 Canada with our very own Jed Schneiderman presenting on the “5 Things You Need to Know About Mobile”. If you have any questions regarding Mobile Personas, contact us.

    For more information about our Mobile Personas 2014 study, click here

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    Mobile Infographic Study

    Tapped Mobile Partners With Leading Ad-Tech Company

    Tapped Mobile has partnered with a leading advertising technology company to be the first in Canada to offer location-based targeting and retargeting to mobile consumers. Tapped can combine behavioural profiles (shopping behaviour, demos and lifestyle/interests) along with location context (proximity to stores, weather, demo of area) and impression context (platform, device, category, app) to deliver unparalleled targeting to 500M level and more precise in some cases. We can also retarget those same users again at another location (i.e. home, work, etc). What this means is that your brands can reach not only existing and potential customers but also target their competitor’s customers either in-store or at home/work. At a retail-level this can show improved ROI by offering exclusive deals or coupons, directions to nearest retail locations or competitive price matching.

    Contact us to learn more about how this might help with some of your brands.

    Mobile Personas – The New Canadian Family

    As mobile becomes an increasingly important part of everyday life for Canadians, there is a much greater need for advertisers, publishers and brands to gain Canadian specific insights into those who use mobile. In response to this need, App-Promo, BrandSpark International and Tapped Mobile partnered to conduct a detailed research study on the mobile habits of three key Canadian personas: Mobile Moms, Mobile Men, and Millennials.

    A total of 5,544 smartphones owners and 3,260 tablet owners were analyzed for this study, which looks at how these demographics use their devices and which channels are the most effective for reaching them. The study also provides key insights on how these demographics can be accurately targeted by brands and agencies. Insights from this study were presented today in Toronto at an invite-only event with an audience of over 200 agencies, developers and content creators. Key points from the study are highlighted in the infographic below while the full study is available for purchase at

    Infographic Revised


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