New Native Ad Offerings From Shazam

Tapped Mobile is pleased to announce that Shazam has expanded their offering to deliver stronger brand integrations with new native and sponsorship opportunities.

Given the increasing importance of native advertising, brands can leverage the mobile-consumer relationship through the following new products:



  • Chart Sponsorship – Brands can now sponsor a variety of top charts that incorporate curated or custom song selections and branded music players.
  • Native In-Stream Video – The new Shazam homepage now offers branded, auto-play video units, which are displayed in-stream.
  • Artist Pages – Each artist now has a page with their Shazam discoveries, top tracks, music videos, and more. Brands can now align themselves with particular artists within Shazam by artist page sponsorships.
    Several large CPG, entertainment and mobile gaming companies have already taken advantage of these offerings. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more about advertising opportunities with Shazam.

    Back to School Exclusives

    With back to school quickly approaching and the holiday shopping season not too far behind, Tapped is very excited to announce brand-focused mobile advertising packages.

    All reports indicate that families and students are beginning their back to school shopping earlier each year. Is your brand ready?

    Families of elementary and secondary school students intend on spending an average of $428 per child, and those with children heading to post-secondary facilities intend on spending an average of $1,121 per child.

    Popular categories include school supplies (88%), clothing (58%), technology (41%) and furniture (20%).

    Back to school spending is just as much about parents as it is students. It ranks among the top spending seasons in categories such as telecommunications, financial services, fashion, consumer electronics and consumer-packaged goods. Ensure that your campaign reaches the right audience at the right time along the path to purchase.

    The 2015 Mobile Personas Report data shows that 73% of millennials and 68% of moms will use their smartphones while shopping for clothing, and 78% and 71% for electronics, respectively.

    Another finding from the study proves that if brands want to charge a premium for their products, they should make sure that potential consumers have sufficient access to product information and consumer reviews on their mobile devices.

    Package Highlights:

      Make it Shazamable

    • Shazam for TV or Print + Playlist Sponsorship + Targeted In-App Media
      Retail Targeting

    • Location-Based Retargeting + Conquesting + Behavioural Data
      Cross-Device Retargeting

    • Mobile/Tablet/Desktop Retargeting + Location + Contextual Data

    Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or would like to learn about our back to school packages.

    Tapped Mobile Plans to Employ a Fleet of Drones

    Tapped Mobile has announced plans to employ a fleet of drones to (literally) follow consumers on their path to purchase. Tapped has requisitioned a fleet of 10,000 DRX-4115 drones from Boeing as a pilot project to provide advertisers unprecedented access to consumers while they shop. The drones will be equipped with screens that can display IAB standard and rich media ad units as well as two-way voice communication so that brands can further engage with consumers on a 1-1 level.

    Dubbed Hyper Persona Targeting (HPT), successful drone campaigns currently active in Japan and Korea have set the groundwork for the pilot project to make it’s way west. The move is the first of it’s kind in Canada and could usher in a new level of hyper-targeted advertising that we’ve never seen before.

    drone[Boeing’s DRX-4115 Drone]

    Advertisers are already clamouring to be the first to test the HPT drone campaigns. Brands are very excited about the prospect of being able to track consumers through the shopping experience, in-store as well as retargeting them at work and home, providing unique and custom advertising opportunities based on the needs of specific individuals.

    The CMO of one of Canada’s largest food manufacturers said: “Imagine being able to watch a consumer in the grocery store. You could push coupons and offers to buy your product while they’re staring right at it.” What excited him even more was the opportunity to retarget consumers at home or work. “You would be able to target consumers at their breakfast table, in their shower, while at work, where they are most likely to make purchase decisions.”

    Shazam Update: Apple Watch, Image Recognition & Beacons

    Shazam is taking mobile engagement to a whole new level with the announcement of Shazam for Smartwatch, Image Recognition and Beacon Integration. We’re very excited to share this news.

    New from Shazam:

    • Smartwatch Integration
    • Image Recognition
    • Beacon Technology

    Shazam announced plans to bring their functionality to Smartwatches later this year. The emergence of wearable tech is a natural evolution for Shazam.


    2015 will see the arrival of Image Recognition technology. This will allow the mobile user to take an image from OOH, print or even a product or packaging to connect to an immersive mobile experience, furthering the connection between online and offline and forever change shopper marketing.


    Coming soon, Shazam will also enable location based campaigns for advertisers with Beacons. Advertisers can make their locations Shazamable, be that a digital display or retail environment.

    These moves signify the largest deployment of proximity technology in a mobile application to date.

    Tapped Mobile Update & Mobile Personas 2014

    Tapped Mobile was recently featured on both Strategy Magazine and Media In Canada for our work on the Mobile Personas 2014 study. We had a great time this year at Dx 3 Canada with our very own Jed Schneiderman presenting on the “5 Things You Need to Know About Mobile”. If you have any questions regarding Mobile Personas, contact us.

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    Mobile Infographic Study

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