July 25, 2013 tapped

Mobile Personas – The New Canadian Family

As mobile becomes an increasingly important part of everyday life for Canadians, there is a much greater need for advertisers, publishers and brands to gain Canadian specific insights into those who use mobile. In response to this need, App-Promo, BrandSpark International and Tapped Mobile partnered to conduct a detailed research study on the mobile habits of three key Canadian personas: Mobile Moms, Mobile Men, and Millennials.

A total of 5,544 smartphones owners and 3,260 tablet owners were analyzed for this study, which looks at how these demographics use their devices and which channels are the most effective for reaching them. The study also provides key insights on how these demographics can be accurately targeted by brands and agencies. Insights from this study were presented today in Toronto at an invite-only event with an audience of over 200 agencies, developers and content creators. Key points from the study are highlighted in the infographic below while the full study is available for purchase at www.mobilepersonas.com.

Infographic Revised


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