August 21, 2015 tapped

New Native Ad Offerings From Shazam

Tapped Mobile is pleased to announce that Shazam has expanded their offering to deliver stronger brand integrations with new native and sponsorship opportunities.

Given the increasing importance of native advertising, brands can leverage the mobile-consumer relationship through the following new products:



  • Chart Sponsorship – Brands can now sponsor a variety of top charts that incorporate curated or custom song selections and branded music players.
  • Native In-Stream Video – The new Shazam homepage now offers branded, auto-play video units, which are displayed in-stream.
  • Artist Pages – Each artist now has a page with their Shazam discoveries, top tracks, music videos, and more. Brands can now align themselves with particular artists within Shazam by artist page sponsorships.
    Several large CPG, entertainment and mobile gaming companies have already taken advantage of these offerings. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to learn more about advertising opportunities with Shazam.

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