Most US ad networks don’t serve ads to your Canadian audience.

Enter Tapped Mobile.

Grow Revenue

We’re a premium mobile advertising company that has partnered with the top US and Global ad networks to serve Canadian ads to your Canadian mobile audience. The result is great brands, great click-throughs and great CPMs… and more money in your pocket.

Optimize Ads

Just let us know which ad network(s) you use, and we’ll turn on Canadian ads. If you’re not currently working with any of our partner ad networks, not to worry – we’ll get you set up easily and earning quickly.

Premium Brands

Tapped Mobile only works with top tier ad networks, great ad agencies, and world class brands. Your app will only feature clean ads and will never contain spam or inappropriate ads… ever! Plus, if you have certain restrictions or category exclusivities – we can work with you to make sure only the right ads are served in your app.


We’re always looking for new business partners. Feel free to reach out to us at anytime at




Tapped Mobile is the exclusive representative of Shazam in Canada, selling all integration, and advertising opportunities. With 9.5 million current Canadian users, and 300,000 new users each month, Shazam delivers targeted, companion mobile and online experiences to any audience. The combined market-leading, multiplatform, content and technology solutions of Tapped Mobile and Shazam create the opportunity for exciting mobile advertising experiences.

Shazam’s unique listening interface allows consumers to immediately connect offline TV and music experience to online, immersive discovery, special offers, and find delightful extras. Canadians have already been connected through their Shazammed content to advertisers like McDonald’s, Reitmans, Toyota, Michael Hill Jewellers and HBC.

Shazam has also expanded the mobile engagement platform to visual recognition, enabling users to turn print media, posters, packaged goods, and so much more from static images into dynamic pieces of content. With more than 100 million monthly active users, Shazam enables brands to seamlessly create unique and innovative consumer experiences.

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