March 11, 2015 tapped

Shazam Update: Apple Watch, Image Recognition & Beacons

Shazam is taking mobile engagement to a whole new level with the announcement of Shazam for Smartwatch, Image Recognition and Beacon Integration. We’re very excited to share this news.

New from Shazam:

  • Smartwatch Integration
  • Image Recognition
  • Beacon Technology

Shazam announced plans to bring their functionality to Smartwatches later this year. The emergence of wearable tech is a natural evolution for Shazam.


2015 will see the arrival of Image Recognition technology. This will allow the mobile user to take an image from OOH, print or even a product or packaging to connect to an immersive mobile experience, furthering the connection between online and offline and forever change shopper marketing.


Coming soon, Shazam will also enable location based campaigns for advertisers with Beacons. Advertisers can make their locations Shazamable, be that a digital display or retail environment.

These moves signify the largest deployment of proximity technology in a mobile application to date.

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