December 3, 2014 tapped

Tapped Announces Exclusive Partnership with Shazam

New-Shazam-logo-12-01-14_blackTapped Mobile, Canada’s leading provider of mobile ad technology solutions, today announced a new partnership with the world’s top engagement platform, Shazam. Beginning today, Tapped Mobile is the exclusive representative of Shazam in Canada, selling all integration, and advertising opportunities. With 9.5 million current Canadian users, and 300,000 new users each month, Shazam delivers targeted, companion mobile and online experiences to any audience. The combined market-leading, multiplatform, content and technology solutions of Tapped Mobile and Shazam create the opportunity for exciting mobile advertising experiences.

Shazam’s unique listening interface allows consumers to immediately connect offline TV and music experience to online, immersive discovery, special offers, and find delightful extras. Canadians have already been connected through their Shazammed content to advertisers like McDonald’s, Reitmans, Toyota, Michael Hill Jewellers and HBC.

68% of users who Shazam an ad engage with that brand.

“We’re mobile-first and tech-forward at Tapped. Mobile is the first screen, so partnering with Shazam is a perfect fit for Tapped, and for the advertisers we work with,” said Jed Schneiderman, President, Tapped Mobile. “Lives of consumers are deeply integrated with their mobile devices. With Shazam’s vast audience, and our ability to define, target, and create immersive mobile experiences to engage audiences, it opens the door to more – and more importantly, better – ways to reach consumers on the most ubiquitous of all platforms.”

“Working with Canada’s leader in both mobile technology solutions and mobile market research is a great fit for Shazam, as one of the world’s most popular mobile apps,” said Josh Partridge, Director, EMEA and Canada, Shazam. “The market demands more innovative and mobile-first marketing programs, and this partnership will deliver that to Canadian Shazam users.”

Mobile is connective, and central to the lives of Canadian consumers. Understanding where they are and how they’re using their phones is vital to effective mobile advertising. Nearly 84% of TV viewers use a smartphone or tablet while watching TV, and 53% of consumers with tablets or smartphones have engaged in mobile-based activity related to what they’re watching on TV. In addition, 20% of audiences on tablets and 13% on smart phones have made a purchase on their device after seeing a product on TV. Shazam gets consumers to that content quickly, and Tapped Mobile delivers targeted, content-driven, immediately relevant integrations.

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