July 8, 2014 tapped

Tapped Mobile Announces Partnership with Vertical Mass


Does your brand invest in building social media fans?

Does your brand spend money on celebrity endorsements?

Are you sponsoring a sporting event, music festival or tour?

We’re very excited to announce a partnership with Vertical Mass. Based in LA, Vertical Mass operates a data platform used to help brands buy media hyper targeting the active social media fans of your brand, celebrity endorsements or marketing sponsorships.

Vertical Mass works directly with the top celebrities and event producers to capture proprietary fan data. They count 35 of the top 50 pages on Facebook as clients, including Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Shakira, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, David Beckham, Chris Bosh, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith and dozens more. Media bought using Vertical Mass data performs 3X-10X better on average.

The team has also seen a lot of success using the platform to cookie a brand’s own social media fans and YouTube viewers to create segments of handraisers who are active and loyal to your brand. You now have an opportunity to buy targeted media to your most active fans off of social media wherever they browse the web.

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