November 18, 2013 tapped

Tapped Mobile Partners With Leading Ad-Tech Company

Tapped Mobile has partnered with a leading advertising technology company to be the first in Canada to offer location-based targeting and retargeting to mobile consumers. Tapped can combine behavioural profiles (shopping behaviour, demos and lifestyle/interests) along with location context (proximity to stores, weather, demo of area) and impression context (platform, device, category, app) to deliver unparalleled targeting to 500M level and more precise in some cases. We can also retarget those same users again at another location (i.e. home, work, etc). What this means is that your brands can reach not only existing and potential customers but also target their competitor’s customers either in-store or at home/work. At a retail-level this can show improved ROI by offering exclusive deals or coupons, directions to nearest retail locations or competitive price matching.

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