The company offers brands and marketers a completely unique approach to mobile marketing by leveraging its partnerships with the world’s leading mobile ad technology companies to deliver unparalleled ad tech, including: store-level mobile location data, custom video ad units with social sharing, unique in-stream video ad units, mobile retargeting, and mobile media as research – as well as traditional display and video.

Premium Media

We know you go to great lengths to ensure your brand is consistently represented in all media. Tapped Mobile only works with top-tier publishers to ensure your brand is in the right environment, all of the time. Tapped can work with you to craft a tailored campaign to accomplish your business goals.


The Tapped Mobile ad platform offers you the opportunity to run fully customizable and interactive banner, full page, and video ads. But the experience doesn’t have to stop there. Once a user clicks on your message, the ads can expand or click through to a customized website, a branded landing page, or even your own app – offering a truly continuous and immersive experience.

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