Technology & Data

We scour the world for the best mobile ad technologies. We screen them vigorously and bring the best ones to Canada so that you can be ahead of the curve, delivering huge value to your brand, and reaching your consumers in the most trusted and proven ways possible.

  • Store-level mobile location data
  • Location-based targeting to postal code
  • Mobile re-targeting
  • Lead generation & data capture

Best Performing Ad Units

Our unparalleled suite of products offers advertisers the opportunity to deliver the strongest mobile marketing campaign possible.

  • First video ad units with social sharing
  • Four different types of in-stream video ad units
  • Data Capture in ads
  • Traditional display and video advertising

Mobile Optimization

We have a team of talented developers and designers who can provide…

  • Full service ad creative
  • Mobile app development
  • Mobile optimized websites/li>
  • Mobile landing pages
  • A/B Testing
Animated Page Transitions
Shake Event
Paint & Countdown
Inline Video & Animatey

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